Member Of The Month – Mark Ecob

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A MEMBER OF HEALTH MATES? I’ve been a member of Health Mates since April 2017 WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO JOIN H EALTH MATES? I was first inspired to join He alth Mates wit h my wife, although I know within myself I needed to get fit and active as I felt […]

Member Of The Month – Robyn Birch

What inspired you to join Health Mates I joined Health Mates in March 2017. My initial goal was to get into shape. I was bridesmaid for my Sister’s wedding, and knowing that the family wedding photos are on the wall forever, was a constant motivator for me to keep going. What have you achieved to […]

Member Of The Month – Jeanette Scully

  What inspired you to join Health Mates? I was very lucky to find a mate in February of 2017 that said “I’ll come with you”. That kick started my journey 6 months ago and I’ve been attending steadily since. Before I started I was afraid to walk anywhere due to  constantly falling over, something that had […]

Member Of The Month – VINCENT HOST

  What inspired you to join Health Mates? I have been a member since July 2013 . I was first inspired to join Health Mates due to my brother. I saw the positive effects that it was having on his confidence, outlook on life, his general health and I wanted to replicate that for myself. What is your […]