Lost a bit of momentum over the holiday break? Burn close to 1.5 calories every 2 seconds – and do it safely!

Did you know that burpees build coordination, increase mobility and muscular power-endurance and absolutely scorch fat? Learn to execute them effectively and safely with us!

In these workshops, we will cover;

  • Burpees – what are they good for, what do they work; and why do them?
  • Who should do them – how can one tell? How does one screen for this?
  • Can’t do burpees? What can I do instead?
  • Correct execution and application.
  • Q+A with an insane burpees fan!
  • How to improve your burpee capacity – including take-away workouts.

When: Monday 22 Jan, 9am-9.30am & Tuesday 30 Jan, 6.30pm-7pm.

Limited space available, book at Health Mates Reception today! $20 for Non Health Mates Members