Rowing Competition 2019

Get set… Go!

The Health Mates Rowing Comp is on 11th-25th Feb

The Rules:

– Get to 2000 metres on the rower as fast as you can!

– You choose the level.

– You must be timed and scored by a member of staff.

– No, you cannot tag team a friend, you may only provide moral support, cheer or shake pom poms.

– You can have as many entries as you like.

– You will receive 50 Healthy Rewards points (HRPs) for every successful 2000m entry!

– Category winners receive 2000 HRPs.

– Record breakers receive an additional 1000 HRPs.

– Please see reception to organise a time if you would like to make an attempt outside 9-5pm hours.

– Your lungs will burn. It’s OK, you will survive!

– You are not allowed to make excuses, we are very persuasive.

– Start training now!

Not sure how to train for this?

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