By Raquel Sbrana, Registered Professional Level 2 (Cert IV Fitness/Group Exercise/Boxing/Kickboxing) 

Woman with arms in air sunset

Three weeks to go and no doubt each of you are losing weight, and getting fitter, stronger and healthier as a result. So because of this it’s CHALLENGE WEEK.

Firstly you will need to pick a level:  Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

The aim is to get through the 5 rounds as quick as you can, making sure that you keep correct form throughout the entire work out. I would recommend using a stop watch to time yourself. This means that in 3 weeks time when the challenge ends, you can complete the same work out again, and try to better your time. I will be very interested to see how you all go, so please let me know!


5 CONTINUOUS ROUNDS (take a rest only when needed)

300m row

10 squats using your body weight only

10 push ups on your knees

10 crunches




5 CONTINUOUS ROUNDS (take rest only when needed)

400m row

15 squats with a 3kg medicine ball

15 push ups on either your knees or toes

15 sit ups, either normal or diamond pose




5 CONTINUOUS ROUNDS (take rest only when needed)

500m row

20 squats with a 5kg medicine ball

20 push ups on your toes

20 diamond sit ups