Your First Visit

For many, your first visit to a health club can be the most daunting. Here are some tips to help make your first visit a good visit.

Club Membership

If you are not already a Member of Revesby Workers’ Club, you will need to become one to gain access to Health Mates gym. Revesby Workers’ Club Membership is only $7 per year and gives you access to all the Club has to offer.

What to wear

Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement. Closed toe shoes must be worn in the gym and for all classes (excluding mind/body classes).

What to bring

  • Your current Revesby Workers’ Club card.
  • A drink, or a bottle to fill up using our chilled water fountains. You can also purchase beverages at reception.
  • A towel. Health Mates has a strict “no towel, no workout” policy. Towels are to be laid over equipment when in use, and then used to wipe over equipment when finished. Towels are available for hire from reception. We also have spray and wipe stations throughout the centre should you need them.

When you get here

  • Swipe membership card at reception
  • Get your locker key

If you need help

Personal Trainers and other gym staff are always available on the gym floor or at reception if you need help with equipment, lockers, change rooms or if you have a question.


Lockers are available to all Health Mates members free of charge as bags are not permitted in any exercise area. Keys are available at reception, and are secured with your Revesby Workers’ membership card. Attach the key to your towel or clothing with the safety pin provided. Lost or misplaced keys do incur a $10 replacement fee. Please remember that Health Mates cannot take responsibility for any property that is bought into the facility.

Etiquette & Hygeine

We recommend you wear thongs whilst showering to avoid contracting (or spreading) Athlete’s Foot. If you are using the sauna we ask that you have a shower prior to entering, sit on a towel, and wear a swimming costume while inside.

Why Health Mates?