Massage FAQs

How do I know if I need a massage?

Massage aids in reducing pain from muscle tension and spasm, improves circulation of blood, stimulates your immune system and helps to push toxins out of the body. Most commonly clients see Melissa for accelerated healing after injury and for relaxation purposes.

What type of massage will I need?

Melissa is an experienced therapist and will cater the massage methods to suit your needs. When you arrive she will discuss your needs and recommended the best style of treatment for you.

What do I wear?

You will usually be asked to remove your outer garments (keeping on your underwear) once the therapist leaves the room allowing you time to do this. They will give you warm towels to cover up with. Your therapist will want you to feel comfortable and explain everything to you when you arrive.

Can I claim massage treatments with my health fund?

In many cases you can, however, it may depend on your level of cover.  We recommend you check directly with your health fund prior to booking.

I am not a member of Health Mates Fitness Centre, can I still have a massage?

Absolutely! Anyone is welcome to have a massage, however discounted rates apply to Revesby Workers’ Club members. It’s easy to join and instant to join the club.


As a Health Mates member we offer you a free discovery consultation with 360 physio Revesby, ideal if you have a niggling long term injury that won’t mend itself or perhaps something more recent. This will enable you to ask a physiotherapist questions and find out your best possible treatment plan. Contact us on 8707 6930 to arrange your free discovery session.

Also, all Health Mates members receive access to discounted Physiotherapy treatment at 360 Physio Revesby should you need it. Please mention this at the time of booking.