1) Contact us at Health Mates to create your account.

2) Confirm your account via the email you will be sent. If you didn’t receive the email check your spam account.

3) Download our free Health Mates App



1)    Open our app

2)    Click on Class Timetable

3)  Scroll to date you want to attend (across the top) and click it

4)  Scroll down to find your class

5)  Select ‘BOOK’



1)     Open our app

2)     Click on Class Timetable

3)     Scroll to the date and class you had booked

4)     Select ‘DELETE BOOKING’



–          If the class is full you can elect to go on the waiting list.

–          Everyone on the waiting list, regardless of your position number, will receive a notification if a place becomes available (ensure your notifications are turned on).

–          If you receive a notification and wish to take the vacancy find the class in your app and select ‘BOOK’.




–          Bookings will open at 8am three days prior to the day of the class.

–          If you ‘FOLLOW’ a class you will get a reminder when the bookings are open (ensure your notifications are turned on). Once bookings are open you will still be required to book your position.

–          You are able to book a maximum of 2 classes per day.

–          To give all members a fair go you are able to have a maximum of 4 bookings at any one time. This means should you wish to book another class and already have 4 booked you will only be able to do so once you have attended one of your 4 booked classes.

–          You do not need to book if you are only using the gym floor.

–         Classes are currently capped at 1 person per 4m2 due to NSW Government COVID-19 restrictions.



–          Please cancel your booking as soon as you know you won’t be attending. We ask that you please respect others who are keen to get a place in classes.

–          Cancellations can be made up to 1 hour prior to your class start time via your app. This allows time for others to take your place.

–          If you do not provide 1 hours’ notice or do not turn up for a booked class you will receive a penalty.

–          Penalties stay on the system for 30 days.

–          If you receive a second penalty you will forfeit your privilege to book classes for 30 days. This does not mean you can’t attend, just that you won’t be able to reserve a spot. If you come along and there is a vacancy advise your instructor and you will be able to participate.