Active Seniors

All year round, Heath Mates is here to get our seniors active and staying healthy, weather it is doing classes or working out in the gym using a program personally created for your needs.

Strong & Stable Classes

These classes combine education and exercise in a progressive approach to improve balance, flexibility, coordination, strength and reduce the risk of falling. Aids such as chairs and bars may be incorporated. The class is suitable for those wanting to maintain independence and enhance their well-being

Active Over 50’s Classes

If you’re over 50 and enjoy the company of other like-minded exercisers, give this class a go. It’s light paced and focuses on your needs; gentle cardiovascular, bone and muscle strengthening exercises combined with elements of balance and Core activation, not to forget a whole heap of fun!

Other classes our older adults also enjoy are:

Lite & Lo – the ideal class for those wanting a mild paced workout. It’s slightly more intense than our Active Over 50’s class.

Tone Up – target your full body with this muscle toning class incorporating dumbbells, bands and body weight exercises. It’s easy to follow and guaranteed to work your abs, butts and thighs.

Stretch – this relaxing class begins with a gentle warm up followed by a series of stretches designed to improve your flexibility, minimise muscle imbalances and release stored muscle tension 

Pilates – A mellow paced body conditioning class that combines breathing, stretching and strengthening to achieve and maintain optimal posture. Allow your body to move freely and efficiently by strengthening your deep abdominal and core stabilisers while relaxing tense neck and shoulder muscles.

Young at Heart

Young at Heart is a health and fitness program designed for seniors 60years+ who want to feel energised and live life to the fullest. The program is obligation free for first time users who are members of Revesby Workers’ Club. There is no charge and there are no catches to join. We want to give you the opportunity to experience how good getting active can make you feel.

VISIT 1 : We will create an exercise program specific to your needs and a qualified trainer will show you step by step how to perform each exercise (1 hour).

VISITS 2: We will add to and revise your program to ensure you are performing your exercises confidently (1/2 hour).

VISITS 3: Experience either a Strong & Stable or Active Over 50’s class.

Here’s how to get started:

      • Join Revesby Workers’ Club if you’re not already a member.
      • Arrange a written medical clearance prior to commencing – your GP can generally assist you with this.
      • Contact Health Mates to arrange a time for your first visit.
      • On your first appointment come dressed and ready to exercise, with your towel, water bottle and reading glasses (if required).


How to get Started

      • Visit reception
      • Phone 8707 6930
      • Complete form below

*First time users only. Must be a member of Revesby Workers’ Club. Medical clearance may be required prior to commencement of program.

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