Cardio & Weights

A combination of cardio (aerobic) and resistance (weights) training is recommended for all ages, genders and body types to burn fat and build strength and endurance.

Top of the range equipment and entertainment facilities allow you to exercise in a comfortable environment guaranteed to make your workout sessions both interesting and efficient. Plus you can feel confident knowing that our qualified staff are on hand to answer any questions.

Why should I do cardio exercise?

  • Facilitate the flow of air in and out of your lungs.
  • Improve your heart’s pumping efficiency and reduce your resting heart rate.
  • Improve circulation and reduce blood pressure.
  • Aid in fat loss.
  • Reduce stress and lower the incidence of depression.
  • Reduced risk of Diabetes, Osteoporosis and cardiovascular problems.

Why should I do resistance training?

  • Aids in fat loss.
  • Increase your bone, muscle, tendon and ligament strength.
  • Improve the functioning of your joints.
  • Reduce your chance of injury.
  • Increased bone density (in the fight to beat Osteoporosis) and metabolism (burn fuel efficiently).