Yoga & Pilates

Focus your mind and strengthen your body with our yoga and pilates classes. Whether you’re after more gentle activity to keep active, are recovering from an injury, crave a bit of time-out or would like the perfect accompaniment to balance out your usual exercise routine, one of our mind/body classes is sure to do the job.

Yoga focuses on the alignment of the whole body while creating a feeling of calm. Our yoga classes are Hatha based and are ideal for beginners to intermediate yogis.

Pilates is a body conditioning technique that combines breathing, stretching and strengthening to achieve optimal posture.

And if it’s relaxation and release you’re after, try our Unwind class.

To ensure complete calm and focus, all our mind/body classes are held in one of our two studios which are well away from the loud pumping music and activity of the main gym.

Namaste to that!

Class Descriptions
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