Why Do Classes?

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Power Hour

Feel firmer faster! The ultimate class to tone and shape your whole body using barbells. Start out light and work your way up to heavier weights as you feel your body transform and get stronger.

I = Mod-Hi | C = NR


Target your full body with this muscle toning class including dumbbells, resistance bands and body weight exercises. It’s easy to follow and guaranteed to hit your abs, glutes, thighs and more. Get ready to feel those muscles you forgot existed!

I = Low-Med | C = NR

Butt Blast

Challenge your butt to a 30min workout! this class will tone everything below the belt blast your butt and legs into shape

I=Low-Mod | C = NR

Ab Blast

Take the core focus and challenge your abs with this targeted class which will get your core strong

I=Low-Mod | C = NR

Abs, Butt & Thighs 

Challenge your abs, butt and thighs to an efficient workout. This focus session will have you noticing the diffrence in no time.

I=Low-Mod | C = NR


HIIT (30mins)

Taking on the high intensity interval training formula, incorporating weights and cardio, HIIT sets to really get those calories burning.
I = Mod-Hi | C = NR

Master Blast (60mins)

Looking for a class that will blast your body without blowing your mind? This is the one. Think Bootcamp and Circuit blended together into a highly motivating no frills fun workout.

I = Mod-Hi | C = NR

Cardio HITT (30mins)

Looking for calorie expenditure? Cardio HIIT will do it for you. The interval bursts will get you working at your max, then a short recovery so you are ready for your next Cardio HIIT. This class will consist of cardio intervals & plyometrics to get your heart rate pumping.

I = Mod-Hi | C = NR


Rev (30 & 45 mins)

Join us on a motivating ride to a healthy heart, firm legs and glutes, plus maximum calorie burning. This indoor cycling class caters for all levels as you determine the resistance and effort.

I = Mod-Hi | C = NR

Rev-GTB (1 hr)

Take the ride of your life with this ‘no buts about it”, hardcore class. In case you’re wondering, GTB stands for “get the bucket”. Definitely not for the faint hearted!

I = Very Hi | C = NR


Glove inners are required to attend class. These can be purchased or hired at Reception.

Cardio Box

Combine a cardio workout with the strength and resistance of boxing. We’ll set you up with focus pads and a partner (unless you bring a friend) and teach you the boxing moves you need to tone your upper body and increase your self confidence.

I = Mod-Hi | C = Mod

Kick n’ Box

Kick ‘n Box is Cardio Box, with the added challenge of kick boxing moves. Add an intense lower body workout to an already effective boxing class and you’ll experience a great total body cardio workout.

I = Mod-Hi | C = Mod

Fight Fit

A total body cardio workout that incorporates martial arts techniques such as punching and kicking, without the need for body or pad contact. Strike, punch and kick your way fit! No partner required.

I = Mod-Hi | C = Minimal

Box & Abs

Hit the start hard with rounds of boxing pad work, followed by a solid 20 minute ab blast you’re sure to remember. Build your fitness and coordination, along with a strong core, in this dynamic combo class.

I = Mod-Hi | C = NR


Active Over 50s

If you’re over 50 and enjoy the company of other like-minded exercisers, give this class a go. It’s light paced and focuses on your needs; gentle cardiovascular, bone and muscle strengthening exercises combined with elements of balance and flexibility… not to forget a whole heap of fun!

I = Low | C = Minimal

Active Over 50’s/Unwind (75 mins)

Combine the health benefits of our Active over 50’s class with the added bonus of an extended stretch and relaxation component.

I = Low | C = Minimal


Zumba (45 mins)

Looking for some new moves? Zumba is the latest Latin inspired dance-fitness class that exhilarates your senses and gets your whole body moving to exotic rhythms in a high energy cardio blast.

I = Low-Mod  | C = Mod-Hi


Lite & Lo

A pressure free class ideal for those wanting a mild paced workout. Perfect if you are just starting out, recovering from an injury, are pregnant or just wanting a light workout. You’ll get a gentle cardiovascular session followed by basic muscle toning exercises and a relaxing cool down.

I = Low-Mod | C = Low-Mod

Lite & Lo Plus

This is our Lite & Lo class ramped up a little, so be ready to pick up the pace. See definition above.

I = Mod | C = Low-Mod



Like to exercise in the fresh air? Then Bootcamp  is for you. Held on the top level of the carpark. You will be put through your paces with tyres, ropes, sandbags and lots more. Rain or shine, the class is on as it will be moved indoors.

I = Mod-Hi | C = Low-Mod


Rev n’ Abs

30 minutes of calorie burning cycling, backed up with an awesome core workout sure to wake up the most dormant of abs. You’ve got to feel it to believe it!

I = Mod | C = NR

Aero / Abs, Butts & Thighs

We’ve listened to your demands! You want a lean bod and a toosh to match. Kick start this class with 20-30mins of high energy aerobics, aimed at burning fat and getting your heartrate soaring. Finish up with a guaranteed butt and ab blast. The ultimate combo!

I = Mod-Hi | C = Mod

Step / HITT

Miss a good step routine? Then this 30 minute step workout will have you stepping like you have never stepped before. The last 30 minute will have you pushing the boundaries with HIIT sets, before finishing with ab’s and a stretch. You will feel amazing afterwards.

Step / Sculpt 

Miss a good step routine? Then this 30 minute step workout will have you stepping like you have never stepped before. The last 30 minutes will have you sculpting your muscles and feeling more toned. You will feel amazing afterwards. I–Mod-Hi|C=Hi



A mellow paced body conditioning technique that combines breathing, stretching and strengthening to achieve and maintain optimal posture. Allow your body to move freely and efficiently by strengthening your deep abdominal and core stabilisers while relaxing tense neck and shoulder muscles.

I = Low-Mod | C = NR

Power Yoga

This form of Yoga is a strong, fast paced flowing practice that integrates the breath with the movement and dynamic transitions between poses. Power Yoga incorporates flexibility, however has a core focus on strength poses guaranteed to get your entire body into gear.

I = Lo – Mod | C = NR


Start relaxing with a gentle warm-up followed by a series of stretches designed to improve your flexibility, minimize muscle imbalances and release stored muscle tension. Treat your body… treat your mind… unwind.

I = Very Low | C = NR

Yoga – Vinyasa

Vinyasa means ‘breath-synchronized movement’. This class is a series of poses that will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling, with smooth flowing movements.
I = Mod | C = NR

Yoga – Foundation  

Learn the basics of Yoga. Understand the poses and movments and how to perform them. Get it right and progress with this class.
I=VeryLow| C=NR

Yoga – Hatha 

This class focuses on alignment of the whole body while holding poses, which support the spine and bring about the awareness of breath with movement. Build your strength, mobility and endurance all while creating a feeling of calm. Ideal for entry level to intermediate Yoga participants.

I=Low |C=NR

I = Intensity
C = Coordination
NR = Not Required
Mod = Moderate

Attending Classes

  • All classes are 1 hour unless otherwise stated on the definition page.
  • Class tickets are available from reception 30 minutes prior to class commencement.
  • Bring a towel to all classes and ensure you use it on your equipment, mats and to remove sweat from your body.
  • Bring a bottle of water/fluid.
  • Bring clean feet to all mind/body classes.
  • Arrive on time to minimise chance of injury and to avoid disrupting the class. Late comers may be refused entry.
  • The cool down is important. Ensure you complete this to maintain flexibility, reduce soreness and avoid injury.
  • Advise your instructor of any medical conditions, pregnancy or injuries you have prior to the commencement of each class.