Don’t let age be a barrier.



Name: Alan Moroney
Age: 85
Member since: 1996
Tips: “Don’t let age be a barrier. Be committed to yourself.”

When did you start training at Health Mates?

I joined Health Mates when you first opened your doors back in December of 1996 and I’ve remained a member for the past 17 years.

What inspired you to join Health Mates?

Although I have always been active, I joined Health Mates because of fitness problems and medical issues I was experiencing when I retired at age 61.

How many times a week do you exercise?

It is different each week depending on the weather, but generally 3 times a week at Health Mates, plus I play golf twice a week.

Generally with age comes some ailments, what has your doctor said about your health status?

My doctor said my health is great; he is very happy. I have always been active an I have always walked a lot. My heart doctor is also pleased. He often tells me to slow down when he tests my heart while I’m walking on a treadmill.

What are the main benefits you have achieved from exercising at Health Mates?

The improvement in my overall health; I definitely feel better. In conjunction with medication, my training has helped decrease the thickness of my blood, cholesterol and having my knee reconstruction I found walking at the gym and during golf helped me get the movement back in my knee, plus decrease the pain. Overall I am now on less medication and I feel great. I thank Health Mates for my extended life expectancy.

You started at Health Mates at age 68 and are still going strong; many would say they are too old. What would you say to someone considering to start exercise?

Don’t think that way, don’t think that way at all! Get in and do it. Don’t let age be a barrier. Be committed to yourself, you have to be committed.

There is no guarantee that physical exercise will achieve specific outcomes. Results will vary depending on personal commitment, genetics, nutrition and lifestyle factors.

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