“Working out at a gym”

MYTH: You need to be fit and or slim to join a gym

We hear this one a lot; “I just need to lose 10kg and then I’ll start working out at the gym”. Our highly qualified team are ready and willing to help you get started. Whether you’ve never exercised or been to a gym in your life, or are a savvy trainer, we can ensure your workouts are time efficient and catered to your needs and capabilities. Visit us and you’ll see for yourself that we’re not about the “body beautiful”… but we are about giving you the tips and tools to be the healthiest you can be. Many of our members comment that they wish they had started sooner.

MYTH: You need to be flexible to do Yoga or Pilates

Yoga and Pilates classes involve many stretches that assist your body to move freely. These classes are not competitive and encourage you to move to your own ability. When working on mobility, we advise you take each position to a point that feels right for you. It’s not about anyone else! Other benefits you’ll experience from these classes include muscle strengthening, improved posture and core control, plus a reduction in stress.

MYTH: You’ll gain massive muscles by doing weight training

This is often a misconception among many female gym goers, who cling to their favourite cardio machines. Yet, lifting heavy weights does not cause explosive muscle growth for men, and especially not for women! In truth, large muscles are simply not grown by accident. It requires consistent progression in weight, coupled with a caloric surplus diet to support muscle growth. Many men struggle to achieve this balance even when they are trying. Genetically, it’s far more difficult for women to build bulky muscles since their natural testosterone levels are far lower, making adding muscle mass challenging.

MYTH: A one month membership is a good test to see if it works for you

To see and feel the real benefits of exercise it needs to be consistent and built into your lifestyle, and certainly not have an end point. By coming along for just one month, you’ll gain some small improvements, but generally not enough to motivate you to remain active on most days of the week, for the rest of your life. In some cases, it may even be a deterrent if you come along with false expectations that your body will be transformed in 30 days. Exercise needs to be like brushing your teeth; you do it regularly to reap the benefits of a healthy mouth and teeth, so why not do the same for your whole body? Have you ever heard anyone say “try brushing your teeth for a month, if you like it and see the benefits you can continue, if not, just stop”? Crazy right? Our one month memberships are ideal for those who already incorporate other forms of exercise into their lifestyle, but may be taking a break (eg off-season for their regular sport) or are perhaps visiting for a short period only.

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