The Importance of Stretching

Stretching is something that we often over-look as the results are not always as visible as cardio or resistance training. That does not mean that it is not just as important. Stretching has many benefits including: improved posture, increased blood flow and an increase in energy levels. During exercise we perform the same movements over […]

Fat Loss Workout – German Composite Training

Here’s a simple workout that has proven to be very effective in producing substantial fat loss results when accompanied with a healthy, well rounded diet. The German Body Composite Workout or GBC for short is an intense and relatively quick workout which will aim to increase your lean muscle mass and therefore boost your metabolism […]

Class In Focus: Fight Fit

Challenge yourself with FIGHT FIT, a moderate to high intensity fight class designed to raise your heart rate and build your fitness all while having fun and varying your workout. FIGHT FIT does not require you to have a partner, nor will you make body or pad contact. It incorporates mixed martial arts movements along […]