Member Of The Month – Simon Nicholls

  How long have you been a member at Health Mates?  10 years and 3 months.  What is your training routine and how do you keep motivated?  I utilise the personalised programs offered by Health Mates and I make sure I follow this to the T. This includes warm up stretches such as body planks, […]

Member Of The Month Janette Heffernan

Jan is 82 years old and has been coming to Health Mates for the past 4 years. Jan joined Health Mates after meeting with the lovely Christina who told her to try out some of our classes, in particular Active Over 50’s and Strong and Stable.     A typical week for Jan is coming to 2-3 classes […]

Member Of The Month – Cass Cerecedo

  How long have you been a member of Health Mates for and what inspired you to join? I first joined Health Mates back in 2007. I decided to start exercising regularly to improve my health after facing breast cancer. I had treatment for about a year and regular exercise helps prevent reoccurrence. What is your […]

Member Of The Month – Louis Wong

  You have been a member of Health Mates for 22 years now, what inspired you to join? 22 years ago I was getting ready to retire and realised I barely do any exercise. I joined Heath Mates in the hopes I could increase my fitness and overall health. 3 months into becoming a member […]