How are you going to contract trace?

As usual, we will record your attendance upon arrival.  This will record the date and time you arrived and will be made available if required by the Department of Health should there be a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.

We encourage everyone to also download the Government COVID Safe app.


How is Health Mates keeping their member and staff COVID-19 safe?

We have put in place many safety precautions to make you and our staff feel as confident as possible about returning to Health Mates.

Click here for more details


What is the maximum number of people allowed in the gym?

This will depend on State regulations which are monitored regularly to ensure we are adhering. We will be allowing for 4m2 per person in each of our key areas; Gym Floor, Studio 1 and Studio 2. Classes are currently capped at 20, but note this may be changed by the state Government at any time.


What hygiene etiquette should I be following?

Please take responsibility for your personal hygiene and respect the space of others around you.

Avoid touching your mouth, nose, eyes and hair.

Sanitise or wash your hands pre and post workout.

Use a towel on all equipment and clean your equipment before and after use.

Cover your mouth with a tissue or elbow if you need to sneeze or cough. If you must use your hands, be sure to wash or sanitise it before touching anything else.

Avoiding touching or leaning on surfaces unless necessary.

Spread out as much as possible. eg do not use a bench next to someone else if there is a vacant one further away that you can use.


Do I need to wear a mask?

According to the Federal Government wearing a mask is not mandatory and your choice.

You are welcome to wear a mask should you wish, as may our staff.


Do I need to do anything before I come back?

Health Mates procedures will be a little different to what you were used to. This is for the interests of everyone’s safety, including your own and to adhere to Government restrictions.

Please read the following before you return


What should I bring?

Please only bring your essentials as lockers will not be available; RWC membership card, towel and water bottle.

Please leave your valuables at home or keep on your person. We’ll let you know when lockers will be available for use.

For classes we recommend you bring your own mat if you have. You are also welcome to bring your own bands, Yoga/Pilates props and hand weights. 


Do I need to book for classes?

To ensure everyone gets a fair chance at attending a class with us and to avoid turning you away if we’re at class capacity, we will be using a booking system for classes.

Click here for more details about our new Group Exercise Class procedures and program


Do I need to book to use weights or do cardio on the main floor?

No. We will not require you to book to use the equipment on the main floor, but ask that you make your workouts as concise as possible (less than 2 hours) and leave promptly once you’ve finished.


Will the Group exercise Class timetable be different?

Yes, with COVID-19 comes change. Our timetable will be different to the timetable in use prior to closing.

We are very conscious of the more popular classes and will endeavour to bring you back your favourites as soon as we can.

As everyone settles into their new routines and we can determine the demand for classes we will tweak the timetable to suit. This will also be based on Government class restrictions.

The timetable will be available on our website once we re-open.


Personal Training – will this be available?

Absolutely! We know many of you are super keen to reunite with your trainer and get back into sessions.

Personal Training sessions will be going ahead, however 1.5m social distancing will be required, no Boxing or close contact exercises will be included and a strict adherence to all health and safety measures.

If you have sessions remaining from a past PT package your trainer will be in touch over the coming weeks to plan a start-up date. Your unused sessions remain and we have automatically extended your package expiry date to 31 December 2020.

Perhaps you’ve been training on your own for a while and now know you need extra motivation, so yes we’re taking new PT clients as well. Click here for one of our team to contact you to chat about PT options.

Click here for one of our team to contact you about starting up with a Personal Trainer


What areas of the gym will be closed?

For your safety all non-essential areas within Health Mates will be closed until further notice. Some areas will also be closed as we continue our upgrade works. We will update you as things change.

Please note: until approximately 13 July we will only have one toilet and basin available for use until our change rooms re-open. You are welcome to use the club’s amenities during this period.


Non-accessible areas/services include:

  • Change rooms andshowers (estimated to be available 13 July)
  • Lockers (estimated to be available 13 July)
  • Studio 1 & 2 (estimated to be available 13 July)
  • Stretch & Core zone (estimated to be available 14 August)
  • Water bubblers
  • Crèche
  • Saunas
  • Boxing activities and boxing classes
  • Breakfast services


Can I use a locker?

Lockers will not be available for use initially. Please only bring your essentials; towel, RWC membership card and water bottle. Please leave your valuables at home or keep on your person. We’ll let you know when lockers will be available for use.


What if I don’t feel comfortable coming back to Health Mates yet?

Not ready to come back? We appreciate that not everyone is ready to start working out at the gym straight away. Keep in mind we have put in place many safety precautions to make you feel as confident about returning as possible. Click here for more details 

To see options about delaying your return please click here


Will the crèche be available?

We will not be offering crèche services when we reopen on 29 June. This will be reconsidered as restrictions ease. We will let you know when this service resumes.


Will I be able to use all of the equipment?

For safety purposes we have decommissioned some of our equipment to maintain social distancing guidelines.

Some equipment has been removed or moved to make space for more popular items.

Please note, the Stretch zone will be closed until mid-August due to our air-conditioning upgrade. We will endeavour to have equipment from this area available to be used in other areas throughout the gym where possible.


Can I hire a towel?

Yes, Towels hire remains unchanged, however due to demand we recommend you bring your own if possible please.

Remember; no towel means no workout.