Member Of The Month Janette Heffernan

Jan is 82 years old and has been coming to Health Mates for the past 4 years. Jan joined Health Mates after meeting with the lovely Christina who told her to try out some of our classes, in particular Active Over 50’s and Strong and Stable.



A typical week for Jan is coming to 2-3 classes a week, volunteering regularly (for 50 years), line dancing and undergoing her cancer treatment. Cancer does not define Jan nor does it stop her from her normal activities. In fact she is more determined and motivated than ever to keep pushing through. With the help of her friendships and gym family at Health Mates she is able to maintain a positive and healthy outlook on life. So much so that when Jan has her radiation treatment she comes to the gym afterwards. Talk about commitment! It is a pleasure having Jan at Health Mates. Her infectious smile lights up the room and we look forward to seeing her every week.