Woman cycling

Group Exercise News – Would I be able to do that class?

Woman cycling

Woman cyclingIt is good to see everyone is back into their routine of classes and embracing the small changes we made to the schedule.

The question I hear a lot is “would I be able to do that class?”

Let’s break this down and look at it in detail…

All the class styles on our schedule have the ability for the exercises to be modified and levels created for you to progress towards. As you improve your fitness and strength, you would move up a level in the exercises. Exercise is all about progression, just like a program written for you by one of our trainers. The trainer may advise you that once you have achieved “this”, then change it to “this”. This is the same in the classes. Everyone is at different levels and will be challenged by different things. Your instructor will ensure that everyone is getting the most from their workout. The key detail is that you have to be comfortable to work your way up in the class.

For example… in your first Rev class your goal would be to just cycle for 45 minutes straight. If you have never cycled before, this will be a big enough challenge to start with. Then the next class, you can start to add resistance, then start to stand and sit, and before you know it, you will be getting fitter and stronger each time.

We all like to master things. If you give it a go, and keep at it, you might just surprise yourself. Just think about how long it took to learn to tie your shoe laces!

Carissa Sharpe Assistant Manager

Carissa Sharpe
Assistant Manager