Girl on beach

Holiday Season – Tips to Stay in Shape

Girl on beach

Girl on beach

It’s summertime and a calendar full of social events loosely translates to food, drink and lazy days. After putting in hours of hard sweaty work the last thing we want to see is all that progress going out the window, true?

Here are a few ideas for you to try this holiday season, so you won’t have to blame the tightness in your clothes on a washing mishap.

Tip 1. Take a walk

An after-dinner stroll can be just the thing; it can be a time to escape family tension or to find a few minutes alone with your spouse. It could also be a nice family tradition, perhaps you could ask if anyone wants to join you for a stroll.

Tip 2. Exercise before you leave your room

Do some stretches, yoga, or calisthenics before you leave your room in the morning. Do them before anyone knows you are awake. You don’t have to worry about plans changing, then your whole day is free.

Tip 3. Don’t stress about parking

Can’t find a close spot at the shops? Why even bother looking; park as far away from the entry as possible and enjoy the walk. You’ll save yourself the stress and burn some calories.

Tip 4. Help with the kids

Volunteer to take the kids (yours, your family’s, whoever is around) to the park. Play tips with them, hide ‘n seek, or kick a ball around. The kids will have fun the parents will be happy, and you’ll get some exercise.

Tip 5. Do some chores

You could volunteer to clear the table and do the dishes. Hey, it’s not a 30 minute run, but somebody has to do it and it is healthier than sitting on the couch. Other chores could be taking the dogs for a walk, going to the grocery store for last minute items, or offer to refill drinks for other people.

Tip 6. Run to the shop, literally!

If all you are bringing back is something easy to carry, tie on your shoes and make a run for it. If the store is too far for a run, park a few streets away and run from there.

Tip 7. Avoid the weekend binge

If you’re a weekend food binger, plan ahead to make sure you have plenty of healthier snacking options in the house. For example, pre-prepare some air-popped popcorn, mix up a blend of your favourite unsalted nuts, have some low fat yogurts ready to go in the fridge and try adding a dash of lemon juice to carbonated mineral water instead of drinking high sugar colas, etc.

Tip 8. Share with a friend

Many of us put on weight because we make careless or unconscious eating decisions, like automatically ordering an entree or dessert while at a restaurant. Most restaurants main meals are already too big and as well as eating them, many of us eat entrees and/or desserts as well. If this sounds like you, start sharing your entree or dessert with a friend and your waist-line will thank you.

Tip 9. Love your significant other

This can be a trying time of year for couples. Take some time to show them you love them. (Don’t forget to tell them too.)

On top of all the great benefits of stress relief and feeling of togetherness, kissing burns 2-5 calories per minute.

Tip 10. Put on some music

Whether it is your favourite Christmas carols CD or the only station you can get on the radio, turn it up and dance around. It’ll make those chores you volunteered for go faster if you are having a good time.


So there you have it, a hole proof, water tight, no excuses way for you to avoid packing on the kilos during this holiday period.