Man and woman rowing in gym

How to Row: Get The Technique

Man and woman rowing in gym


Begin each stroke with your legs compressed and your shins vertical. You initiate the drive with the powerful muscles of your legs, and finish with your legs fully extended. Rowing promotes both strength and flexibility through this wide range of leg motion.

At the catch, your arms are outstretched; at the finish of the stroke, they have pulled the handle into your abdomen. As with the legs, this range of motion promotes both strength and flexibility.

Core: Chest, Back & Abs
At the start of the stroke, the power of the legs is connected to the handle by means of the arms and the core muscles of the body. Then the back is more fully involved as it swings open through the middle of the stroke. Finally, the body is stabilised at the finish by the abdominal muscles.

If you would like advice regarding technique or how to include this full body exercise in your training see one of the Health Mates team.

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