Spot Reduction

Have you ever wished that you could get rid of that little bit of flab around your hips or tone up your stomach?

Spot reduction is a thing of legends in gyms around the world. Nearly everyone has thought to themselves “if only I could lose that weight from my stomach, legs, arms, and hips”. Is it possible though?

The promise of spot reduction is almost an obsession that many would rather believe. How many of you have tried a gadget you saw on a TV commercial, or a fad diet, pill, shake or cream? There are thousands of these products on the market all promising to give you ripped abs and thinner thighs. The sad thing is that these products all promise something they cannot give you.

Body fat is simply the accumulation of energy that your body was unable to burn and has stored until a time when your body needs it. There are no pre-determined places the body will use body fat stores from, or where additional body fat will be stored. Such things are simply genetic traits that sadly we are stuck with.

The best way to get to that final desired figure, shape or body fat percentage is to train using a program combining both cardiovascular exercise and resistance training and exercise consistently! Just one session won’t work, it will be many sessions added together that will produce the best results. One pound of fat is worth 3500 calories!

Remember, your food intake will also make a huge impact on transforming your body.  


Written by Raquel Sbrana – Personal Training Coordinator