The Sugar Crisis

Did you know that the human brain reacts to sugar similarly as it does to controlled substances like cocaine? As research presses forward, the global obesity crisis has shifted its focus to sugar, rather than fat, as being the driving force behind the world’s belt breaking waistlines. From breakfast cereals, to corn-fed cattle, fruit products and most beverages (excluding water); the over consumption of sugar in the modern day diet is staggering and plays a major role in the obesity crisis.

Other names for sugar which it can be relabelled as, it goes by about 50 different names; frucrose, sucrose, corn syrup, malt molasses, agave, cane juice syrup, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, evaporated sugar cane, anhydrous dextrose, maltose, glucose syrup, sucanat, fruit juice crystals.

It’s all about being an informed consumer and knowing food labels! Check out the image below to give you an idea of how much sugar is hidden in everyday products.


Written by Stephanie Croucher – Personal Trainer