Woman's foot stepping on scales

500 for the Fight Update

Woman's foot stepping on scales

Woman stepping on scalesSome of you may not be aware, but we have 119 people registered in 500 for the Fight, all with a weight loss goal in mind.

Our goal is to loss 500+kg as a group by 28 October. To date we have lost 91kg!

As we approach week 10 we remind all of you who are in the fight to stay focused. You have past the half way mark and even if you slip backward now and again it is important to get back on track and keep working towards the goals you set in place back in July.

No one is perfect, but as long as you continue to try you will get results in the long term. You have another 7 weeks to get to your weight loss goal and even if you don’t quite make it you are well on the way to creating permanent changes to your health and well-being, so keep it up.

It’s also time to start asking your friends and family to sponsor you if you haven’t already.  Remember, we have over $1,395 worth of prizes to be won for those who raise the most for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Good luck!