Man stretching at front of gym class

The Benefits of Group Exercise

Man stretching at front of gym class

Man stretching at front of gym class

Are you lacking motivation for your workouts?

Are you tired of the same routine or need an ‘extra push’ to get the most out of your workout?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you should really try a group exercise class!

There are numerous benefits to participating in group exercise, for example:

  • Increased motivation when working out under the guidance of a qualified instructor
  • Working out in a group environment adds a fun, social dynamic to your session
  • If you only have a certain amount of time to train, by getting into a group exercise class you are assured of a great, time effective workout
  • A change of routine will keep you on track to meeting your goals
  • If you’re not seeing results, adding a class or two each week may ‘shake’ your body up and kick-start your success
  • Increased cardio can lead to increased weight loss
  • Classes add variety to your exercise routine
  • You will have the opportunity to learn new exercises
  • You will improve your exercise technique under the watchful eye of your instructor

Some classes to consider:


Gain upper body strength and tone as your shoulders and arms are doing a lot of the work. Your abdominals are getting a great workout too as they need to be working throughout each boxing combination. The more effort you put in, the more energy you will burn. Cardio Box is a great way to expend those calories and release any stress or tension you may have as you just box it out.


Yoga develops strength and suppleness of the body and unifies body and mind. This brings a feeling of resilience and groundedness, even when experiencing great demands. Yoga enhances your health, whatever your physical type, increases your stamina, reduces fatigue and gives you resistance to stress and ailments. It is not a rigid discipline, but an internal and external strengthening.


Improve your cardiovascular fitness, circulation and heart fitness. With the muscle-toning component you will be improving your metabolism and bone strength along with building a stronger and more stable body.

All group exercise classes are included in your Health Mates membership FREE of charge.

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