Older man and woman stretching in gym

HEAL Program for Diabetics starting soon

Older man and woman stretching in gym

Older man and woman stretching in gymAre YOU a Type 2 Diabetic? Do YOU need help with healthy lifestyle advice?

If so, HEALTM may be just what you need!

The Healthy Eating Activity LifestyleTM (HEALTM) program is an 8 week group program, conducted by Allied Health Professionals. It assists in the management of weight, heart disease (including high blood pressure and cholesterol) and metabolic conditions.

The HEALTM program promotes healthy eating and exercise and thus offers patients a 2 hour group session each week for 8 weeks, in a friendly, supportive environment. Sessions include :

  • 1 hour of gentle exercise that anyone can do
  • 1 hour of lifestyle education.
$50 for eligible patients with GP referral.
FREE for concession card holders with GP referral.
Tuesday 2pm-4.15pm
15 Oct – 17 Dec

To discuss eligibility

8707 6930