Fight Fit

Why the change? Welcome to the new Timetable

Fight Fit


Sonny Fight Fit

Variety is the spice of life, so we’ve spiced up your Group Exercise Timetable leading into Summer.

Each year we gather your feedback from surveys and the suggestion box, to inform our exciting new timetable.

The recently launched timetable features:

  • New 5.35am classes (train hard and still be on time for work)
  • Join the party with more Zumba classes
  • New Saturday 3pm class
  • New 4.30pm classes
  • Shuffled class schedule

Try the new class styles and keep an eye out on Facebook for class snippets.

New classes:

  • Fight Fit
  • HIIT 100
  • Aero Sculpt
  • Lite & Low Plus
  • Box & Abs

Check out the new timetable here

Find out more about our new classes here