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Class in Focus: Cardio Box

Woman boxing

Woman boxing




Group boxing classes have been very popular for a long time, and the reason is that many health and fitness results have been achieved through regular participation to these classes. Interested now?

What is Cardio Box?

Cardio Box is a combination of a cardio workout with the strength and resistance of boxing. We’ll set you up with focus pads and a partner (unless you bring a friend) and teach you the boxing moves you need to tone your upper body and increase your self confidence.

What happens in a Cardio Box class?

Your warm up will consist of movements that you will be doing throughout the class, then you will have 2-3min rounds, each with boxing combinations focusing on speed, power and cardiovascular fitness. Boxing is interval based, meaning you exert energy/force for a short period of time then recover. This type of training is designed so you can push yourself to work a bit harder as it is only for 2-3mins, then recover and go again. Interval training has been shown to assist in budging calories.

Do I need to be fit to attend Cardio Box?

All types of fitness levels are welcome. As you are in control of the energy/force output, the execution of the punch, it is up to you how hard or fast you box. Start moderately, and as your fitness/strength increases go harder every 2nd or 3rd round, until you feel fit enough to go full on for all rounds.

What results will I see from Cardio Box?

The best results are for the upper body as your shoulders and arms are doing a lot of  the work. Your abdominals are getting a great workout too as they need to be working throughout each boxing combination. The more effort that you put in, the more energy you will burn. Cardio Box is a great way to expend calories and release any stress  or tension you may have.

Monday @ 5.30pm (1 hour)
Tuesdays @ 7.00pm (30 mins Boxing)
Wednesday @ 7.30pm (30 mins Boxing)
Saturday @ 7.30am (1 hour Kick & Box)