Man doing pull-up

Correct pull-up technique

Man doing pull-up

Man doing pull-upBefore taking part in our pull-up challenge, make sure you’re doing it right. Our trainers share their wisdom…

How to Do the Basic Pull-up

  1. Begin from a dead hang: arms fully extended, hands about shoulder width apart (palms facing out for pullups), elbows straight, chest up, shoulders back and tight, eyes trained on the bar above.
  2. Pull yourself up toward the bar, leading with the chest and keeping your eyes focused on the bar. Drive your elbows toward the floor.
  3. Clear the bar with your chin.
  4. Lower yourself in a controlled fashion, then repeat the process.

Things to Remember

  1.  Stay honest when you clear the bar. Don’t lift your chin and strain your neck just so you can say you cleared it. You run the risk of pinching a nerve and cutting off muscular power.
  2. Keep your body neutral. Don’t swing with your hips to generate momentum on a strict pullup or chinup.
  3. Keep those shoulder blades tight/retracted. Pulling with a loose shoulder girdle can lead to rotator cuff problems.