These days many of us spend our lives looking down at our phones, stooping over a computer keyboard typing away or driving to get to places. We constantly bend our necks, shrug our shoulders and hunch our backs, making us susceptible to developing chronic postural dysfunction. This is usually not an issue until we develop discomfort, restricted movement, pain or even headaches.

What could be happening due to your improper posture?

Due to the constant protracting of the shoulder blades, back muscles (particularly the rhomboid muscle group that holds your shoulder blades together) become lengthened and weaker. Conversely, chest muscles and upper shoulder muscles become shortened and tighter.

How can I improve my posture?

  1. For every “push” exercise you do, do two “pull” exercises to help balance out muscular development in your body. Push exercises are ones that work primarily the chest and shoulder muscles such as chest presses, push-ups and shoulder presses. Pull exercises target back muscles (hence, strengthening muscles that are important for a good posture!) such as reverse flys, low rows or seated rows.
  2. Add some exercises to strengthen your back muscles (particularly your middle back) and core muscles which will help you sit and stand up straight.
  3. If you are on a computer for extended periods of time, reset your posture every 30 minutes by bringing the shoulders back (squeezing your shoulders blades together) and relaxing your shoulders.
  4. Perform neck and chest stretches first thing in the morning, throughout the day and before you sleep.

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