Strong and Stable Classes (August Quiz)

Health Mates is welcoming a brand new group exercise class to it’s offerings this month, Strong and Stable.

We proudly support our seniors to maintain active, healthy, independent lifestyles. Whilst we already have classes on the schedule, such as Active Over 50’s and Lite ’n’ Low, there is a definite need for a class that focuses less on choreographed coordination, and more on specific skill sets. Enter Strong and Stable!

Strong and Stable is the perfect class for beginner seniors; those that feel slower, controlled movement is more their cup of tea. Designed to develop and maintain strength,
balance and coordination, Strong and Stable will ensure that adults will continue to move freely as life goes on. The classes specifically aim to assist with:

  •   Increasing stability and balance
  •   Increasing and maintaining flexibility
  •   Improving posture
  • Bettering strength
  • Increasing fitness
  • Enhancing coordination

Our qualified instructors and Personal Trainers will guide participants through a variety of exercises aimed at mimicking daily life. The idea is to keep people doing what they love for as long as they can. For example, participants will perform squats, or sit to chairs. These movements get the muscles and joints required working, enabling them to continue to get into cars easily, or get up off the lounge without hesitation; simple things that are often taken for granted, but become increasingly difficult as we age.This class is perfect for those who may need the assistance of a chair for balance, or who require their walking aid or wheelchair for mobility. Exercises will be tailored to the individual needs of those in the group, meaning that the class is suitable for all levels of senior fitness. We also welcome those who may have suffered an injury or who have a disability to a end. All classes are held in Studio 1, providing easy access and a climate controlled area for exercise.

Exercising in a group such as this one makes working out a fun, social event. Better yet, the classes are FREE for all Health Mates members—and there are seniors discounts for those that aren’t members, so feel free to bring along any family and friends you think this class will suit. Check out the latest time table for class times.

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