Introducing Fitwipes


FitwipesEarly last week we introduced a “Fitwipes” anti bacterial wipe canister to the gym floor. It is located near the bubbler at the back end of the gym nearest the free weights. It’s hard to miss as the canister is a big shiny silver binlooking thing. Simply take one wipe, use it as necessary on the desired surface and then throw it in the supplied bin. Easy! The wipes are safe to use on all parts of our equipment, including the screens, and to wipe your hands.

Since we are talking about hygiene, I see an opportunity here to mention the use of towels. As you all know, towel use is compulsory at Health Mates. This means that the towel you bring along should be used as a buffer between your body and the seat or bench you are sitting on. This means that the towel should not be on the floor, unless of course you are exercising on the floor.

On a final note, please be mindful of your actions in and around the facility. If you are using a piece of equipment and choose to take a phone call or have a lengthy chat with someone, remove your towel from the equipment and move away so others can jump in and have a go. To see a piece of equipment draped with a towel, yet vacant, or someone just using it as a chair, is certainly annoying to your fellow trainers. We appreciate that many of you are on a tight time frame, so let’s all be courteous so everyone can enjoy a time-efficient and stress-free workout.


Michael - Gym Floor Supervisor

Gym Floor Supervisor