Pedometers Now Available


PedometerMore and more doctors and fitness experts recommend walking 10,000 steps every day as a way to maintain a healthy weight and exercise your heart. Incorporating a pedometer into your lifestyle will help you measure how many steps you’re taking.

Easy tips to increase your steps:

  • Take stairs whenever possible.
  • Instead of carrying all the laundry upstairs at once (or the dishes from the table to the kitchen), take several trips.
  • While you wait for a flight at the airport, walk up and down the corridors.
  • Instead of emailing your co-worker, walk over to their office.
  • While chatting on the phone, walk around.
  • Grab your significant other and get out there together.
  • Choose a parking spot that’s far from the store entrance , or try walking to the shop.
  • Treat the dog to a longer walk.

Pedometers are available at Health Mates reception for just $6.