Barry Fox Has Turned His Training Schedule Into A Healthy Lifestyle

Barry FoxName: Barry Fox
Member since: 1997
Reason for joining: Continued good health and lifestyle
Top tip: “Put away the scales, this is about getting you fit; the weight will take care of itself.”

How long have you been a member of Health Mates Fitness Centre, and how do you believe it has grown?

I moved into the area in 1997 and joined the Club very soon after. At that time the Club was much smaller than it is currently, with the gym located behind the reception desks next to the children’s play area. The growth of Health Mates has complemented the increased development within the Club and has been able to effect an outstanding result, culminating in the relocation of the fitness centre to a much improved location. The investment in top quality equipment and personnel has allowed the centre to provide a first class facility at a very reasonable cost to the members.

Tell us about your training schedule

My training schedule is really more a lifestyle I have set for myself over the many years. I have been running from the age of 11, way back in 1962 when I changed from junior to senior school, back then it was called cross country, some 52 years ago. My current schedule is driving to the gym around midday, parking upstairs in the car park, then running 10 kilometres before coming into the gym. Once in the gym I stretch out and do my core exercises. I do this everyday, Monday to Friday. Saturday is my day of rest before Sunday comes around, and I am up early for leisurely 20 kilometre run.

What have you achieved so far and how has it changed your life?

During my working life I have been fortunate to have seen most of the world and planned Marathons to run in far off places such as Boston, New York, Mexico city, China, Brussels and of course Manchester and London along with numerous 10Ks and half Marathons both local and international. As far as changing my life this has always been my life I do not know anything different, to me it is just the way it is. I suppose the fact I have achieved a level of fitness while my old school friends seem to have lost a lot of theirs is testament to something.

What motivates you?

When I was 3 years old I caught pneumonia twice in 3 months. In those days children did not normally recover from one infection never mind two. My mother being catholic had the local priest give me the last rights on both occasions but I pulled through. Even though I was so young, I still remember the doctors at the hospital saying “Mrs Fox you will have to keep a careful eye on Barry, as he will always be a sickly child and never be strong enough to play any sports;” so everyday I prove them wrong.

Many reading this will be unsure how to start, what tips would you give them to goal set as well as you do?

The first stop is a trip to your local GP for a full health check if you are over 60 years old. This is vital before you start to exert yourself. Remember this journey is a life style change which will not happen overnight. Time is on your side, increases in fitness will be gradual. Whatever fitness regime you choose, it should be monitored by the gyms trainers. Choose something you will enjoy and make it social; training on your own is not for everybody, unless you’re daft enough to be a distance runner. There is no such thing as I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME. If you want this you will always find time. Put away the scales, this is about getting you fit; the weight will take care of itself. Remember that muscle weighs more than body fat. Don’t get distracted by weight alone it is about how you feel within yourself not how other people see you. Should any of you want to know about running distance I am happy to help.

Remember we walked before we ran so slow and steady.

Good luck.

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