Tennis Elbow

Ask The Physio: Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow

In this months ‘Ask the Physio’ I will be providing some useful information about literal spicondblalgia, or as it is more commonly known, ‘tennis elbow’. Pain over the lateral aspect of the elbow and forearm is a frequent complaint for patients attending our physiotherapy clinic. Pain and discomfort in this region of the elbow can […]

Raquel and Gordon Rowing

Do I Need A Program or Measurements?

Raquel and Gordon Rowing

The simple answer is yes! If you have a goal or have been working towards one, are just starting out or have reached a plateau in your training, it’s time for a program written by one of our qualified trainers. The best part? It’s absolutely FREE because you are a valued member of Health Mates. […]

The Importance of Stretching

Stretching is something that we often over-look as the results are not always as visible as cardio or resistance training. That does not mean that it is not just as important. Stretching has many benefits including: improved posture, increased blood flow and an increase in energy levels. During exercise we perform the same movements over […]

Fat Loss Workout – German Composite Training

Here’s a simple workout that has proven to be very effective in producing substantial fat loss results when accompanied with a healthy, well rounded diet. The German Body Composite Workout or GBC for short is an intense and relatively quick workout which will aim to increase your lean muscle mass and therefore boost your metabolism […]

Ask the Physio: Heat or Ice?

I am often asked by my patients “When should I use ice and when should I use heat?” In this month’s post I will explain when and how to use both modalities. Following a sprain or strain, collagen fibres and blood vessels are damaged. This bleeding produces the bruising which is commonly seen in a […]