Weight Loss Challenge Winners

Congratulations to our team of 45 Weight Loss Challenge participants who lost a total of 176 kilos (89 kilos of this being fat). Every entrant committed themselves to having a personal trainer, attending workshops and outdoor sessions and making a change to their eating habits, all in the aid of improving their health. The transformations were inspiring.


A special mention goes to our winner, Byron Ortiz-Felton. He lost an amazing 4.2% of his body fat in the challenge and won a $2,000 Helloworld Revesby travel voucher. Pictured here with Kaylee Salzke and Amanda Marshall (Helloworld)


  Runner-up went to a long-term Health Mates member, Tamena Yarek (left). She decreased her body fat by 3.5% and was awarded a six-month Health Mates membership for her efforts. Tamena is pictured here with Kaylee Salzke (Helloworld) and Revesby Workers’ Club CEO Ed Camilleri.


We’d also like to acknowledge our sponsored participant, Frances Alexander (right). As a non-exerciser, Frances applied for sponsorship into our challenge to lose weight and re-gain control of her health. Frances lost 3.1% of her body fat and just over 10 kilos. Her transformation and new-found confidence was amazing! Frances is pictured with Health Mates PT Coordinator Raquel Sbrana.