Member Of The Month – Jeanette Scully

  What inspired you to join Health Mates? I was very lucky to find a mate in February of 2017 that said “I’ll come with you”. That kick started my journey 6 months ago and I’ve been attending steadily since. Before I started I was afraid to walk anywhere due to  constantly falling over, something that had […]

Member Of The Month – VINCENT HOST

  What inspired you to join Health Mates? I have been a member since July 2013 . I was first inspired to join Health Mates due to my brother. I saw the positive effects that it was having on his confidence, outlook on life, his general health and I wanted to replicate that for myself. What is your […]

Member Of The Month – Dina Mellis

What inspired you to join Health Mates? I have been a member for just over a year now, I wanted to join so I could get healthy, fit and continue my weight loss journey. Why was this important? I have always been overweight and struggled with it my whole life. Early last year I had […]

Exercising to Improve Your Posture (September Quiz)

These days many of us spend our lives looking down at our phones, stooping over a computer keyboard typing away or driving to get to places. We constantly bend our necks, shrug our shoulders and hunch our backs, making us susceptible to developing chronic postural dysfunction. This is usually not an issue until we develop discomfort, restricted movement, pain or even headaches.